Global Pandemic Covid 19

“The reality we’re facing is that this could be the end of our business.” “I don’t know what to do.”

As a country, Friday was perhaps the first day we fully grasped the severity of the situation. We suddenly understood, deep in our guts, that Covid-19 would alter all our lives dramatically, not just the lives of an unfortunate few. And for years, rather than mere weeks or months.

We continue to take our guidance and direction on the COVID-19 matter from the relevant expert health authorities, such as the World Health Organisation, the Australian Government Department of Health. IT IS OUR INTENTION TO REMAIN OPEN AND IN OPERATION UNTIL GOVERNMENT TELLS US OTHERWISE. 

A heap of restaurants around the country have switched modes due to the coronavirus, encouraging patrons to take their orders away so they can still enjoy their food, but without spreading Covid-19.  We are now offering a similar option where you can pre order your morning breakfast with coffee and croissant, or lunch with a filled baguette on an app called  ‘My preorder” (see the link below). You can then pick up your order ore get it delivered.  We will update our menu daily and update out of stock as soon as possible. We will endeavour to replace any items that became out of stock after your order was placed . Be kind as we are still serving within our shop too.


We are also offering a free delivery for any orders over $50 within 20 min drive to suburbs like Newlyn, Broomfield, Allendale, Creswick, Creswick North, North Ballarat, Invermay, Invermay Park, Lake Wendouree. We have family size quiche, bread, brioche and they can all be put in the freezer. You can place your order the day before and we will deliver it to you. You can order via the same app and we will confirm times of delivery via text message.

We have also put safety measures in place as to keep with the Department of Health guidelines

  • Staff are being asked to be diligent in their own personal hygiene, using soap and water to wash hands thoroughly, and hand sanitizer where available continually throughout the day.

  • We have removed some chairs and tables to keep with the 4sq metre distancing.

  • We have removed glasses and cutlery and plates and will serve you in take away containers only.

  • We CAN ONLY accept reusable cups IF THEY ARE CLEAN AND BEEN WASHED AT HOME PREVIOUSLY. (please keep our staff safe).

  • You will notice that staff will be continuously disinfecting higher risk areas throughout the day including; door handles, tables and chairs, serving counters, etc…

  • You will notice we removed some tables so diners can practice social distancing while enjoying a meal out (max 10 people).

  • Please be respectful and kind to others in complying to all regulations.

  • Please wear a mask (unless seated at a table).


Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding