The following products are just a sample of what we do and vary from day to day.

  • Baguette, Pain long, Pain complet, Pain de seigle, Boule….
  • Religieuse, Paris-Brest, Glands, St Honore, Eclairs,….
  • Tarte amandine, Tarte au chocolat & caramel salé, Tarte aux fruits….
  • Gâteau Opéra, Millefeuille, Gateau royal au chocolat, Mont-Blanc…
  • Macarons, Nougat, Brioche….
  • Baguette with Salt kitchen charcuterie Jambon-gruyère, Tuki roast lamb, Roast chicken, Tuki smoked trout….
  • Coffee Supreme , Perrier, Orangina and Southern Light Herbs Teas.
  • Hot chocolate, Fresh home made Iced tea,…

We also cater large cakes such as Croquembouche, gâteau St Honoré, fraisier, and family quiches ….Please call us to order  menu-website (3)

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