All rounder FOH and helping hand


Passionate about food

Customer service outstanding skills

Barista experience in fast cafe

We are looking for outstanding people with great attitude and manners to work alongside the owners in all aspects of our busy boutique French bakery-pastry shop.

If you are enthusiastic and motivated, want a country lifestyle, and are really proud of your work, please apply with resume and work references.

  1. Experienced in hospitality
  2. Latte art
  3. 3-4 days per week, including weekends.
  4. Perform under pressure, be happy to undertake all duties required to work in a busy cafe.
  5. Great presentation.
  6. Perform multitasks
  7. Great at working with others
  8. Available Tuesday to Saturday 7am til 5pm and sunday 9am til 3pm
  9. Min 3 years experience in similar environment

Please only apply if you are experienced. Submit details below or pop into the cafe.

email :